April 13, 2024

How to Make 3D Photo Reel Video In CapCut Pro [3D Photo Effect App]

In this media entertainment era, when we feel boredom, we use social media. Every day, we see some of the top trending videos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks. Recently, some videos are getting a huge fan following. These viral videos are in 3D Photo Reel. People make this reel with a 3D Photo Effect in Slow Motion with a blurred background. 3D Photo Reel videos are liked by millions of people.

These trending videos are possibly made famous on TikTok through CapCut Pro. This editing application is the most prominent one on iOS and Android devices. CapCut is owned by Bytedance, which is also the parent company of TikTok.

What is the 3D Photo Trend on TikTok (CapCut 3D Zoom Effect)?

The CapCut 3D Zoom Effect provides an element of slow-motion to TikTok videos. This effect transforms a video clip into a three-dimensional shape. With this 3D photo trend, you can convert your videos into real ones. This 3D Zoom style transforms the background in such a way that it looks both real and cool. You can add this 3D Zoom style to more than one picture at a time.

CapCut Pro Basic Requirements for Creating a 3D Photo Reel

  • A Virtual Private Network app (Turbo VPN) is required.
  • Launch CapCut (a video editing app) on your device.
  • I need a high-quality picture with a solo model.
  • Make your internet connection stable.

I request you to fulfill all these basic needs before making a 3D Photo Reel.

How to Make 3D Photo Reel Video in CapCut Pro-CapCut TikTok Trend Tutorial

1-Download Turbo VPN

  • Download the Turbo VPN from the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the VPN and press the install button.
  • Allow permission to this VPN app by clicking on the “Accept”
  • Wait a few minutes for the successful installation to complete.
Turbo VPN

You can also use the best 3rd party website for downloading this VPN.

2- Download and Install CapCut Pro

  • First, click on CapCut Pro Mod APK.
  • Choose the latest version and download it.
  • When downloading is complete, follow the process of app installation.

3- Start to Make a 3D Photo Reel Using CapCut Pro

  • First, connect your device to the internet.
  • Next, launch the Turbo VPN
  • Choose a server like the US, UK, Canada, or Singapore.
  • Open the video editing app-CapCut
  • Click on New Project and export a high-quality image from your device.
  • Now, choose the format from the bottom scroll bar.
  • Enter the format and choose the 9:16 frame ratio.
  • Zoom your image for the better. You can also add more images.
  • Next, delete the last layer of CapCut
  • Now, let’s move to the initial point of the video.
  • Click on the first image and choose the style option.
  • After this, click on 3D Zoom Effect and apply.
  • Now, apply this effect to all the selected images.
  • Then select the audio and sync it with all the selected photos.
  • Now, fix the photo duration to about 3 seconds.
  • Match the audio beat with images and review them.
  • Finally, export this project in a high-quality format.
  • Wait a few seconds for the successful video export.
  • You can now share this 3D Photo Reel on social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

How to Share Your Video on TikTok

1-The CapCut app allows the user to share your video directly on TikTok through the TikTok Video Upload Page, or you can also export the video to your device.

2- Now, you can select the video from the Upload tab located on the right side.


3- Add the title and description, especially don’t forget to use the hashtags like #3dphotoeffect and #3DPhoto. Finally, click on the post and post your video to TikTok.


1-Can We Use Turbo VPN before Video Editing in CapCut Pro?

No, it is not an essential thing. You can also use other suitable VPNs. The basic purpose of the VPN is to change the original IP with respect to foreign countries like the US, Canada, and Singapore.

2-How to Find New Trends on TikTok?

The simplest way to find the new trends on TikTok is to search through the Discover tab, which will show you different trending topics on TikTok.

Wrapping Up

This CapCut TikTok Trend Tutorial “How to Make 3D Photo Reel in CapCut Pro” I hope will assist you in creating the best 3D video for social media networks. Don’t forget to check out the latest TikTok trend 2022 because this will work best for your business.

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