How to Do CapCut 3D Zoom Effect-Ultimate Guide

TikTok is the most trending social media platform for short videos. On this platform, the most prominent trend is to create a CapCut 3D Zoom effect in images. After adding the 3D effect to images, users can easily adjust all these images in a video. TikTok creates different innovative ways to impress the audience. Of these innovative ways, the 3D effect is the most famous one.

TikTok is an app where people post short videos. But recently, the trend has been to create 3D videos, and these videos look as accurate as so much. It would help if you had the following things to make your photos look like they’re there: The first is a good camera, the second is 3D glasses, and many more, which we will discuss in this article.

With the CapCut app, you can create 3D effect videos for TikTok. This app was published by Bytedance and is available on the iOS or Android stores with separate subscriptions, respectively. With the help of this application, all these notable trends have become possible on social media platforms. The app offers several features, including background removal, adding chroma key, using hot filters, adding stabilization, and many more.

What is the CapCut 3D Zoom Effect?

With the help of CapCut, you can now make your photos come alive with a “3D photo effect” style. The 3D Zoom style allows you to add some life to your pictures by making them look alive. Some people mistakenly call these 3D Zoom Effects iPhone effects, but this is not true. All these effects come from the app called CapCut Pro APK. This application provides multiple editing tools for Tiktok creators who want to enhance their visuals in post-production-style videos on this platform. After installing the CapCut app, you need to open it and upload 11 images to the editing timeline. After that, click on the style and add the 3D Zoom effect to all photos.

Ultimate Guide on How to Use CapCut 3D Zoom Effect

You need to follow the following steps and use the CapCut 3D Zoom effect.

1-Install the CapCut app

First, download and install CapCut on your Android or iOS device. Download this app from the given link.

2-Add Images

After installing, open the app and click on “Create Project.” Next, you will see the option of selecting multiple images because the 3D photo effect only works on images.

How to do CapCut 3D Zoom effect

Select those high-quality images that show relevancy to your video. To keep up with the 3D Zoom trend, we added 11 photos. But if you want to create the 3D effect on more than 11 images, you can also do it without any doubt.

One thing to remember is that your images will appear in a video according to the selection order. When you upload a batch of images, the first one will show at first, and the last will appear at the end.


After selecting all the pictures, click on the Add button located in the bottom right corner.

CapCut 3D Zoom effect

A new project of your images will be started.

3D photo effect

3- Add 3D Zoom Effect on All Selected Images

After selecting all the images on a timeline, you need to select an image and highlight it.

CapCut 3D effect

After highlighting a picture, move to the bottom toolbar, find “Style,” and select it.

3d effect on CapCut

Now, select the 3D Zoom style for the selected image.

3D Zoom effect on capcut

Next, preview your image while zooming and also check this image from different perspectives. In this way, apply these steps to all the selected images one-by-one.


Once you have applied these steps to all the images, click on the tick located in the bottom right corner.

how-to-3d-zoom-your-pictures-with-capcut (2)

Shorten Your Clip’s Duration

After applying the 3D Zoom effect on all images, you will see an option to “shorten video clips.” You may also skip this option if you are satisfied with the results. If you want to shorten your video, you can also use this option to make your video short.

If you add 11 images in a 3D video, the duration of your video will be increased by up to 33 seconds, which is not suitable for the Tiktok platform. Due to this, the CapCut app offers the option of shortening the video clips. In a standard case, limit your first four clips to 0.5 seconds each and the other seven clips to 0.3 seconds each. After that, preview the video quality by clicking on the play icon.


You can also add music to your video clips after adding the CapCut 3D Zoom effect. The watermark removal option is also present in the application by default.

Save the 3D Zoom Effect

After creating the 3D Zoom video, you have multiple options for exporting, such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 60fps as the frame rate. The export icon will be present in the top right corner. Click on that option to export your video. Make sure you don’t lock the app’s screen during video export.


When the video is saved on your device, an option will appear that says “Saved to Device.” Sharing options for different social media networks are also available in the app.

The Capcut logo at the end of your video is a great way to show off what you’ve been up to, but if it’s not removable or editable in some other app, then there isn’t much point! Luckily, Google Photos has an easy native trimming tool, so just cut away those unwanted seconds with ease. After that, save this trimmed copy on your device.


CapCut’s strength is not in its own ability to interact with users, but when it combines with TikTok, it becomes a robust app network that works together like a fuel trend. The 3D Zoom effect is a unique feature in CapCut. Most influencers use this CapCut 3D Zoom effect to make their content as natural as possible. Moreover, you can also check How to Make 3D Photo Reel In CapCut.