How to use Alight Motion App for Editing (Step by Step Guide)

Are you searching for the best app to edit your videos on your android?

Alight Motion is an excellent video editing platform that you can use on your compatible devices. It enables its users to add great animations and visual effects through a feature named motion graphics. Bitmap and vector support are promising features of alight Motion that we usually don’t see in mobile phones. You can export your edited files as GIF animation or MP4 video. It has a simple interface, and in minutes, you can get edited videos customized to your desires. In this article, we will provide you with a tutorial on how to use the Alight Motion app for video & photo editing.

How to Use Alight Motion App for Editing Videos & Photos (Ultimate Guide)

Follow these steps and know how to do a smooth basic edit.

  • First, download and install the app on your device
  • Second, click on the app and open it. Select all the images or videos that you want to animate or edit.
  • Third, you will see two options. First, edit each image manually, and second, apply the editing tool to all the selected images.
  • Fourth, you should make sure of the proper adjustment of the image.
  • Fifth, use the filter library manually for each image or on all images simultaneously.
  • Sixth, write something on your image as you want. More than 2000 font layers are available in Alight Motion Mod APK.
  • Next, use emojis, stickers, and something else as you wish.
  • Now, review the edited video or image in editing mode and verify everything.
  • Then, save your editing material by using various elements.
  • Next, export your edited material in different formats, such as MP4.
  • Good news for you because the video is ready, and now you can share it with your social circle.

Can We Use Alight Motion for Free?

There are monthly and annual plans available for the pro version of Alight Motion Mod APK. But now, the free version of Alight Motion also offers all the features just like the premium. Feel free to download the app on pc or android and use it for editing. The basic plan provides you with:

  • Only the basic features
  • Edited videos have a feature of the watermark.

While the purchased or premium version will have,

  • All premium features unlocked
  • No watermark in your edited videos
  • Feature to export high-resolution edited videos

Customizable Features

The best features for which Alight Motion stands out among all other tools are:

  • Animations
  • Graphic designing
  • Keyframe animations
  • Visual effects
  • Motion graphics
  • Color correction

Creating High-Quality Videos

Alight Motion stands out as the best option for the best video editing tool among all other tools because of its unique features. It provides you with a platform to edit videos of professional quality by applying amazing animations, visual effects, motion graphics, and video compositing. To implement all these best features, you will have to subscribe to premium versions because very few features are available on the basic plan. Alight Motion is a comprehensive application with tons of features that enables you to export high-quality videos.

Alight Motion Elements

Alight Motion elements play a very crucial role in video editing. These elements are reusable and you can find them by clicking on the tab “My Elements Collection”. Why are we discussing elements of Alight Motion? Because without these elements, you can’t make your project more stunning. The following benefits of Alight Motion elements:

  • Create amazing videos
  • Save things (layers, music, stickers) for your future use and reduce your efforts.

The alight Motion app also allows you to share the saved things with your friends through multiple sharing options.


1- How to Use Alight Motion for Beginners?

The above tutorial is helpful for all users from beginners to advanced.

2- Can We Use Alight Motion for Editing on PC?

First, download and install an emulator on your PC. After that, launch the app on your device. Then follow the above tutorial and start to edit.

For further detail, you can also check Alight Motion APK for PC Windows.

Final Words

Alight Motion is simply the best tool to choose if you want to edit your videos by adding amazing animations and motion graphics to your smartphone. This application is compatible with most devices, with little bugs fixed with instant customer support. I hope this tutorial on “how to use Alight Motion for video editing” will be helpful for your especially beginners.

This app supports plenty of amazing features for creating great animations in your videos. So if you want that great editing feature right into your video, feel free to download this amazing app from our website.