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Funimate Mod APK V12.13.2 (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android 2023

Funimate Mod APK
App NameFunimate APK
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Funimate Mod APK is an important video editing application. This app has several exciting functions which make your video good-looking and attractive. If you have no ideas about editing your TikTok or YouTube video, feel free to use all the awesome features of Funimate. You can easily create a brand-looking Facebook page by using this excellent software.

Millions of influencers use this app for creating and editing videos. Before uploading a video clip on social platforms, you need to focus on the professional look of that clip. So, Funimate helps a lot in giving your video a brand and professional look. If you are a YouTuber, Tiktoker, or Instagram user, I recommend you engage yourself with this app. Download the Funimate Pro APK without a watermark-the latest version offers incredible features for free.

A Brief Introduction of Funimate Mod APK

AVCR Inc published the Funimate app. For a long time, this software company was not so much prominent. But after publishing this fun-creating app, AVCR Inc became the most famous publisher. Now, 40 million users are using this application for their purpose. Several editing applications are compatible with smartphones, but Funimate is your best choice. So, create fun in your life by using this amazing app.

What Does It Need?

The Funimate app doesn’t need extra space and extra capacity on smartphones. You can use this application on a simple Android Phone having 512 MB of RAM. All android phones can access all the exciting features of the app. But the official developer of this software recommends a 5.0 android version or up for accessing the premium features of the Funimate.

Funimate Mod APK- Latest Version

The Funimate Pro Mod APK-latest version has mind-blowing features. You can professionally edit videos for sharing on your social platforms. The latest version of the app offers the following characteristics.

  • Unlocked pro effects
  • Videos without watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlocked pro magic effects
  • Nomination for the pro badge

What is Funimate Pro APK-Video Editor

Today, in the world of technology and the internet. Everyone has more than one account on different social media. Millions of videos are uploaded on various social networks daily. Almost all videos demand unique editing apps. These editing apps give a catchy look to videos. An attractive and good look is the main reason for a viral video. But here is the question, how to find the best editing application? No worries, we will provide you with the pro version of an app called Funimate Pro APK.

Download Funimate Pro APK for Android and use its all-pro features. You can install this pro version for free and use it to produce creativity in the field of editing. Create and edit your video in high quality within a few minutes. So, I suggest you try this app once and enjoy its pro unlocked functions.

Excellent Features of Funimate APK

The main feature of this fantastic app is to gain complete access to an android device. Using this software application, you can explore Android phones’ functions. This app is also considered Google-friendly because of its amazing browser experience. Here is the information about all the features of Funimate Mod APK without a watermark.

1-Collection of Basic Tools

Funimate-video editor is a  software application with a collection of essential tools like Alight Motion Mod APK. The tools include cutting, rotating, brightening, and many more. The app’s Pro version has all types of tools that help edit your videos. Cut, trim, and engage your video as you wish. All the tools show quick responses during work and make your editing more professional.

2-Editing through Multiple Visual Effects

The editing app offers more than 100 visual effects that give a video a natural look. Feel free to use all the in-app visual effects. Each effect has an exceptional quality in editing a video. Every user can easily customize all these in-app video effects. You can also do all the work without hiring a professional person for editing. Just install this app on your Android or iOS devices and start to enjoy all the fantastic video editing effects. The Funimate Video Editor is the only app that offers so many video effects for editing. So, use this software on your smartphone and enjoy its interesting features.

3-World-Class Element Library

Mostly, editing applications do not have enough stuff for work. Due to this, video editing has become the trickiest process. But Funimate Pro offers a world-class element library with all the essential editing elements. The element library is overloaded with unique stickers, emojis, backgrounds, interesting visual effects, and different overlays. Every user of the app can access all these elements for free. This gigantic library also offers several text layers. Adding all the elements can give a fantastic look to a video. So, pick your favorite element, use it in your video, and create more fun.

4- Create your Own Unique Visual Effects

Except for the gigantic element library that provides multiple visual effects, you can also create your own unique effects from the image on your device. So, download this editing application and engage yourself with these interesting features. If you don’t like the provided effects, click on the effect generator and create your favorite one.

5- Engage your Video with Music and Audio Files

User experience is everything for an app. So, Funimate Pro APK customizes from all aspects to create fun in the user’s life. All these features of Funimate are used to satisfy the user’s intent. You can also engage your favorite music file with a video using these features. Simply select your most liked music files and add them to your video clip. So, in this way, you can create short and beautiful video clips for Instagram and Facebook stories.

6- Editing in Multiple Graphics

Multiple graphic layers are available in the Funimate app. You can use these graphic layers and make your video more engaging and interesting. These available graphics enhance the look of your brand and make it more viral on social media platforms. Incredible graphics and interesting stickers, emojis, and text layers give a professional look to your videos.

7- Funimate APK as a Social Network

The Funimate app is not only used for editing; it also expands your social circle. Every user has an app account and shares different editing ideas. Your followers will increase when you share more exciting and professional work on the social network of this app. This is a unique feature of the app that increases your social circle. So, make an account on this app and engage with the Funimate music community.

8-High-Quality Export Formats

When you complete your editing task on the app, the next important thing is its export quality. The Funimate Pro offers high-quality export formats which further increase your video look. After exporting in a high-quality format, you can show off your creativity on social media networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

9-Pro Unlocked

If you want to use all the app’s pro features for free, we offer you the Mod version of this pro unlocked app. Download Funimate Pro Mod APK from our site and enjoy all the premium features without paying. Please bookmark our site and get the latest update about this application.

10-Unique Video Loop Effects

In addition to multiple in-app visual effects, the Funimate app also offers impressive video loop effects. The video loop feature helps to upgrade your appearance on social media. The app’s pro version is your best friend because it provides several effects for editing. So, use these video loop effects in making an exciting video and increase your followers on social channels.

11-Cool Effects with Filters

The editing is not as simple as you consider. It requires the proper added elements and their perfect colors. The app provides exciting filters to check the final appearance of the products. These filters decide whether the product looks like a brand or not. If filters are not according to your choice, choose the special Al effects for designing your video. These Al effects boost the impact of your product.

12A massive collection of awesome transitions

The Funimate Pro Mod APK has a remarkable collection of transitions for giving your video or image a brand look. Feel free to use these transition effects and make your editing work more exciting. This app offers different categories of transition effects such as food, lifestyle, birthdays, and many others. The basic purpose of all these categories is to fulfill the user requirements.

13Keyframe Animation

The main thing about the application is to assist in every step. Every new user can easily customize this app for their work. If you have already used this app, you know clearly about its keyframe effects. This app can give you access to use different keyframes in a video. The Funimate also allows you to create your own animation effects by customizing this app.


Funimate Mod APK without Watermark
 Funimate Pro APK download
Funimate Pro Mod APK
Funimate Video Editor
Funimate APK
Funimate Pro APK for Android

Funimate Mod APK Without Watermark- Short Features

  • The Funimate app is the best app for having a lot of fun
  • A free game that helps you study the world’s music community
  • Simple and easy to use for everyone
  • Extraordinary features for editing videos
  • All exciting functions of the app are unlocked


  • No-1 app in the world for editing
  • Create awesome videos
  • Enhance the social circle of the user
  • Amazing filters and Al-effects


  • Requires a strong internet connection
  • Pay for unlocking the fantastic effects
  • Exported video contains a watermark

How to Download and Install Funimate Pro APK for Android-Ultimate Guide

  • Download the Funimate APK file from our site
  • Next, enable the unknown sources, Setting > App & Security > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Click on the install button and start the process of installation
  • After the installation process, find the app icon on the main screen, click on it and start to use

Download and install Funimate APK

Common Questions

1Is Funimate Safe?

Yes, Funimate is a safe application. Older kids whose age is more than 13 years can easily download this app for their Android and iOS devices.

2-How to Cancel Funimate Pro Subscription?

 Follow these steps and unsubscribe from your pro subscription.

Move to Google play store > Select Account > Then move to subscription >Select the subscription you have chosen and cancel it.

3-How to Get Featured on Funimate?

Here is a complete YouTube tutorial that helps how to get fame on the fun star.

Final Thoughts

The best look of a video clip significantly impacts your social circle. You can achieve the best look for your video by using the best editing apps. So, here we will provide you with the best application for video editing called Funimate Mod APK. Different plans are available to buy this app, but we offer the pro version of the application for free. Using this pro version, you can access all the app’s premium features. So, please bookmark our site and get the latest updates about this world-class application.

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