Animal Restaurant Mod APK v9.16 Download (Free Rewards, No Ads) 2023

Animal Restaurant Mod APK
App nameAnimal Restaurant
Version9.16 (Latest version)
DeveloperDH- Publisher
RequiredAndroid 4.2+
Mod InfoFree Rewards, No ads
UpdatedA few days ago
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Animal Restaurant Mod APK Unlimited Fish is a food service game in which you will explore a world of amazing and adorable animal characters. It is an Android game developed by DH-Publisher, a game studio located in Hong Kong. It has been downloaded by over ten million users so far. From the very beginning, you’ll build your restaurant, and as it grows, you’ll purchase a variety of items to help you make money. You only need to focus on how to grow a restaurant. Open your restaurant and appoint street cat workers. Talk to your customers and make them satisfied. Improve your restaurant by growing it and adding new recipes such as strawberry pancakes, spaghetti, sandwiches, pizza, and other delicious foods. Make your company successful.

Although there are plenty of fun restaurant games available for download right now such as Cooking Diary Mod APK.So, download Animal Restaurant Mod APK Unlimited Cod right now to experience a unique atmosphere. Discover new recipes to impress your guests.

Exciting Gameplay of Animal Restaurant Mod APK

Animal Restaurant offers exciting gameplay in restaurant management. With the help of this game, you can explore the modern aspects of a business. Enjoy your cute cat workers, each with their own distinct appearance, features, and qualities, which make the restaurant more fascinating. These are sluggish cats who desire to eat but do nothing. However, these cats can create ridiculously funny scenarios that make people smile. In addition, the healthy animal characters and their captivating in-game narratives will add interest to this mobile game.

A ragdoll cat, a tabby cat, and a large orange cat should be included in your staff workers. You should also get along well with the kitchen staff. You must continue to work hard and keep improving your food and services in order to attract more clients. You must pay some attention to their opinions and obtain feedback in order to improve your services and your products. Players won’t experience any difficulty playing this game at all.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK free shopping

How to Procure Money in Different Methods?

Money is addressed as a fish in Animal Restaurant. You must provide customers with the highest level of support in order to earn as much money as possible. At the beginning of the game, this is the main way to earn money, but later on, you can use the progression button. You can also perform everyday tasks, queries, and accomplishments to raise your fish score. You will discover new elements and satisfy new customers in order to earn even more money. In addition, you will see a mission system that you must finish in order to receive the souvenir incentives.

Update your tip service

In the Animal Restaurant Mod Menu APK, there are unique elements that can gradually produce money. The tip service collects money from the customers who have been served. If you are enjoying the game and not using it, this system makes money every minute.  Upgrade your tip service and earn the maximum amount of money.

You’ll make a lot of dried fish when business is booming. You can expand your business by adding more coffee shops, dessert tables, tea tables, fridges, and so on. You must also purchase new things to boost your rating. If you have a good rating, you can access more innovative and magnificent objects.

Awesome Features

1-Create Interesting and Delicious Food Recipes

In this Animal Restaurant game, you will learn how to cook different and delicious food recipes for your clients. Spaghetti, pizza, strawberry pancakes, avocado sandwich, taiyaki, shaved ice, and other items are available. The restaurant serves food that is influenced by many different cultures. The most well-known will be Japanese food, including sushi and rice balls. In order to satisfy more clients, you can activate as many recipes as you can. Explore new foods and recipes to suit your preferences.  It would help if you also learned recipes from worldwide, including Chinese food, Japanese, Mexican, Korean, and more.

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2-Interesting and Cute Feline Staff

This game is interesting because you can hire an interesting and cute feline staff to assist you in managing the restaurant. In this game, you have the option to hire adorable employees to help you with a variety of tasks. Feel free to engage with the special animals, each of which has its own distinct characteristics and appearance. Enjoy the amusing ragdoll cat, tabby cat, and big orange cat. The chef is also an important worker, so you should have a good relationship with him. Trying to set up your cute feline cafe that is always willing to serve its animal companions. You can guide and communicate with your staff.

3-Freely Customize your Cartoony Restaurant

This game allows you to customize your restaurant in different ways. You must beautify your restaurants to make them more attractive to all of your clients. Explore interesting designs for your restaurants and gather Halloween-themed items for display. Use the special European-style furniture to transform your restaurant into a medieval-style dining room.

In Animal Restaurant, your restaurant will be categorized into a variety of sections. When you can significantly notice the components in your region, it is completely distinct from other business games. So, if you want to go to a particular location, such as the cooking area, you must use the button to shift them. So, it is not difficult for you to move around.

Furthermore, you can also celebrate events such as a tea party with other animals found in the forest, as seen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can play the game with innumerable options thanks to a large number of special effects and decorations. Your ability to upgrade and expand your restaurant is made possible with the help of currency. Earn money and give your business a stunning appearance. You must choose the ideal look for your cafe and make it easy for your customers.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK no ads

4-Improve Your Dining Experiences

Android players can also communicate with their guests to enhance their dining experiences, which makes the game more interesting. Simply pick your favorite clients and start a chat with them to hear what they are saying to one another. Consider their feedback on your services. Talk with them about how to enhance their overall dining experiences. All of these initiatives will enable you to provide your customers with a better experience. The special buyers will also have their own unique traits and storylines, which is the most crucial component and will make the simulation gameplay more likable.

5-Capture Your Memorable Moments with a Built-in Camera

Animal Restaurant Hack Mod APK provides a built-in camera option for Android users. With the help of this camera, you can capture all of your memorable moments. As a result, you can always go back and see your captured footage whenever you want, making the game even more enjoyable.

6-Compete in Exciting Leaderboard Challenges

Video game players can enjoy challenging leaderboard competitions in Animal Restaurant against their friends and online players from around the globe. Do your best to maintain your ranking at the top and earn special game incentives.

In addition to running the restaurant, Android players in Animal Restaurant can socialize with their animal companions and make memories with them. Enjoy yourself while participating in a variety of fun activities.

Animal Restaurant Hack Mod APK

7-Collect Special Rewards

Along with the primary gameplay, Animal Restaurant Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems Latest Version also provides a variety of entertaining daily quests that you can enjoy and complete to earn unique rewards. If you want to have more fun with the food business, don’t be afraid to take on additional challenges. We have included an infinite number of diamonds in it for free. So get the most recent version now.

8-Truly enjoy Your Farming Experiences

All of the food products in your animal restaurant are made with natural recipes, ensuring the safety of your clients. With the presence of a backyard garden, you can pet your cat workers and grow anything you want. It means you can truly enjoy your farming experiences with this game. You need to collect the garden supplies such as watering cans, soil, and flowers. These flowers are very important for attracting more customers.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK Unlimited Money

9-Visual and Sound Quality

The Animal Restaurant Mod APK Latest Version offers beautiful cartoony graphics for Android gamers. These gently created graphics attract more customers with the first experience. You are welcome to explore the wonderful hand-drawn pictures, communicate with the interesting characters, and take in the overall pleasing cartoonish visuals. All of this will keep you engaged in the game and allow for more comfortable gameplay.

In addition to the beautiful graphics and cartoony visuals, the game also offers more captivating sound effects. The game provides an enjoyable atmosphere with an amazing background music system.

10-Multilingual Support System

In Animal Restaurant, humor comes from both gameplay and character lines. Really funny people work on the translation for this game. They used amusing words while keeping the original meaning intact. The majority of translated games are not fully interpreted. Translations such as Google Translate are sufficient for gamers to understand the information but do not create special emotions. However, in Animal Restaurant, you will notice familiar terms that we frequently use. You will have a very enjoyable and common experience as a result.

11-Have Fun with Our Unlocked Mod Version

Android users can now play the game on our website for free and without any restrictions, which makes Animal Restaurant more engaging. We offer unlimited in-game cash so that you can freely beautify and improve your businesses. The Animal Restaurant Mod APK no ads will make sure that players won’t feel any disturbance while playing the game.

Download Animal Restaurant Mod APK-Free Rewards, No Ads

You just need to follow these easy steps and install the game on your device. But before following the provided instructions, go to the main menu > settings > security > unknown sources > enable unknown sources.

  • Now, download the MOD file from our website.
  • After downloading, open the file.
  • Click on the install button and run the normal installation process.
  • Congratulations, the game is on your device. Use it now.


1-Is Animal Restaurant Mod APK Free Shopping Safe?

Yes, the mod version of Animal Restaurant is 100% safe. You don’t need to worry because the downloaded file does not contain any malware.

2-Can We Download this Mod Version for Free?

Yes, you can download the latest mod version of Animal Restaurant from our website for free.

Final Words

For those who are interested, Animal Restaurant Mod APK (Unlimited Code) offers adorable graphics with user-friendly gameplay for users. Feel free to decorate your restaurants and engage with the interesting felines. Unique customers are also important for your exciting gameplay.