How to Get Cash in 8 Ball Pool-Earn Money by Playing 8 Ball Pool

A well-known game that is professionally played all around the world is a pool, known as an 8-ball pool. The game of the 8-Ball Pool is typically played online using a pool table, cue sticks, 16 balls, 15 object balls, and one cue ball that is used to hit other balls. 8-ball pool is a fast-paced game compared to billiards and snooker.  Millions of people in India play an 8-ball pool both offline and online. It has received a great deal of attention. The 8-Ball Pool Game by Gamezy is one of the top online pool games available because of its simple gameplay and gorgeous user interface.

How to Make Money from 8 Ball pool

1st Method: Make Money by Playing the 8 Ball Pool Online Game Using Gamezy App

First, you must download and install the Gamezy app in order to make money playing the 8-ball pool online game. After you’ve installed the app and created your profile, you should familiarize yourself with it. You can enjoy the game for free, but it will not pay you anything. It will only be for entertainment and practice. You can also earn money by playing 8-Ball Pool. You must engage in multiplayer games with real money against top gamers across the globe. To participate in cash games, you must pay a registration fee. You can hone your abilities by participating in tutorials and playing practice games. You must stay one step ahead of other players because the game is extremely competitive.

How to Earn Money Playing 8-Ball Pool on Gamezy?

  • When playing an 8-ball pool, either you or your competitor will be asked to position the cue ball above or under the head string on the pool table.
  • In order to hit the ball, move your cue stick in a circular motion.
  • The cue ball has a striking position that you can utilize to spin the ball as needed.
  • Drag the cue stick down to regulate the momentum and then allow it to execute the shot.
  • Make sure to aim correctly and follow through by tapping all the colored balls that you were given.
  • Do not forget to avoid missing shots or running out of time. This results in a foul and a free-shot opportunity for your competitor.
  • Gamezy offers both free and paid competitions. The game winner receives the entire reward money.

2nd Method: Make Money by Playing 8 Ball Pool Using the Real Money Pool App.

In this guide, you will learn how to get money in 8-Ball Pool using the Real Money Pool App.

  • First, download and install the Real Money Pool App.
  • You need to practice the game for free. The free version does not allow you to earn money.
  • If you want to earn cash in 8-Ball Pool, you will need to pay for the competitive games. You will pay a $3 registration fee for every $5 prize game.

You must practice hard before participating in competitive clashes because the game is very challenging. The game offers a simple interface with 3D graphics. Different shots are available in this 8-Ball Pool Game, such as forward spin, back spin, side, and swerve shots.

How to Withdraw Money from the 8-Ball Pool?

The following steps will help you withdraw money from 8 Ball Pool.

  • First, open the 8-Ball Pool app.
  • Find the withdraw option under My Account.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your account.
  • Verify the bank details you have entered already.
  • In the end, press the submit button to make a request.


You just need to confirm that bank details should be approved before any withdrawal request. The minimum withdrawal balance should be more than ₹100. The maximum withdrawal amount is ₹10,000/-. If you live in the US, you will receive money through check otherwise you will be paid through PayPal. You can withdraw your balance after 4 to 6 weeks.